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Cloud Based Services

Infologitech has been founded with the belief that the future of businesses will soon transform to a virtual infrastructure consumed as a service, at the lowest possible cost. Making its mark in Cloud Based Services Infologitech creates a comprehensive package of services, offering resources in an economical scalable and flexible manner. This helps businesses which are connected to optimize their resources and reduce operational complexity and costs, by allowing them to scale up services as they need them. Enterprises can now increase their productivity and efficiency by cutting down their data center capacity requirements by bursting their peak–capacity workloads, to the cloud service provider.

Infologitech Cloud Based services offer its clients the advantage of

  • Access to a recurring and higher revenue stream
  • More efficient use of technical resources
  • Involvement in more projects
  • Expanding support and geographic reach without remote offices or additional staff

The robust and scalable Infologitech Cloud based services include multi-feature Application Store, encrypted downloading, payment gateway and funds disbursement services. The company offers customer proven solutions that are service provider ready and can seamlessly move your business to the cloud environment with higher levels of manageability and reliability.

Cloud Based Services- Highlights

  • Increased efficiency through modular infrastructure with ability to integrate existing enterprise applications unchanged
  • Provides services and products to accommodate third party vendors and operates an efficient infrastructure with global scale
  • Cuts development costs with an extensible platform and allows growth and monetization without the cost and complexity of in-house development.
  • Enables customers to opt for micro-payment models–directly to usage (pay-per-click), flexible trial schemes, purchase, subscription, per-event, or for a specified time-period to keep the cost to an established budget.
  • Our providers and their partners are now connecting subscribers to data centers that are "in the cloud" allowing dynamic content overlay.
  • Secure encrypted downloads ,Payment gateway allows funds settlement through all major credit cards such as Master Card, Visa m Amex, Discover
  • Collaboration with major location based advertising and couponing networks