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Mobile and Geo Solutions

Mobile Resource Management: Mobile Resource Management applications are the dominant LBS Application for enterprise subscribers. These applications provide location information for one or more vehicles, mobile workers, or any other mobile asset. Operator based MRM applications use network location services at start up and also to ping the device to determine its location. The primary benefit of asset trackers is that they enable the co-ordination and optimal deployment of fleet and personnel., improving all round business and productivity for subscribers.

Mapping and Routing: Mapping services include routing, map rendering, geo coding, reverese geo coding and spatial alerts.

Routing: Routing is the generation of routes between given points entered into an LBS application on a location enabled device. These routes include turn bu turn directions, optimization fro shortest and fastest routes, alternative routes and traffic integration, including dynamic re-routing based on real time traffic conditions. Rendering is the dynamic process whereby map images are assembled and displayed on enabled LBS applications.

Geocoding: Geocoding converts real world geographic locations (latitude/ longitude coordinates) into physical addresses and vice versa. Geocoding software supports ambiguous, misspelled and addresses that users enter into LBS enabled devices. Users may set spatial queries on LBS devices to alert the user via email or SMS when a tracked object enters or exits a geographic area.

Content Services: Content services provide location specific information on geographically relevant content such as traffic, weather, points of interest, parking and other content

For Infologitech the future looks confident. Recent developments in LBS, broad band mobile internet access, powerful new smart phones and application specific devices are changing the way that people interact. The convergence of LBS enabled search and messaging, mobile advertising, social networking and next generation location based emergency services are enabling unique and differentiated services that will drive the company’s growth and value in the years ahead.