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Infologitech LBS Services

Infologitech's Location Based Services are built around Application types ranging from simple push services such as weather and traffic alerts to more complex or interactive services such as personal safety, people locator and mobile resource management applications. The applications with the most consumer demand in the market today are Navigation, family finder, weather, social networking, emergency services, local search etc

Navigation: This application provides continuous real time tracking and turn by turn directions from the current location to the desired location. It also combines customized, personal navigation services with directory assistance, real time traffic information, weather, movie times and public transportation content to deliver a single portal for accessing LBS content. Interface features include graphics (moving maps) voice recognition and rerouting capabilities.

Weather: Weather applications provide up to the minute location based weather updates for local weather, weather forecasts and severe weather alerts. Subscribers receive updates automatically or on demand.

Local Search/ Points of Interest: Points of Interest applications provide content relative to the end user's location. Such locations may include restaurants, petrol stations, banks, ATMs and hospitals as well as user defined locations like 'home' and 'school'.

Emergency Services: Location based emergency services provide location information about an end user to a third party for the purpose of providing emergency services. Such as police, fore and rescue. Location based emergency services enable wireless operators to handle wireless emergency calls, delivering the callback number and originating location information to the appropriate public safety answering point.