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Company Overview

Comprehensive Solutions for next generation challenges

Infologitech's complete LBS solutions leverage proven technological innovations and platforms that have been deployed around the world in the toughest of environments. Powering world class business solutions, Infologitech products and services are built around applications for business efficiency and to help businesses grow, using the latest systems and processes. As a reliable location based service provider, Infologitech ventures to deliver end to end LBS solutions including white label applications, mapping and content.

Infologitech envisions substantial success in providing social location solutions for location enabled devices, like handsets, laptops, Smartphone's, Notebooks, Desktops and portable navigation devices which have become everyday tools for a growing segment of consumers and enterprises. Over the past several years, remarkable advances in LBS has raised consumer and enterprise awareness and has tremendously increased the demand. Infologitech endeavors to serve this rapidly growing market which is forecasted to expand exponentially in the next five years.