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We know you are a very smart person. Highly accomplished, thinking on your feet etc. You have (literally) strong awareness and knowledge about on-the-ground problems.

We also know that you can pick and join the best multinationals. We know you can be part of a & payroll.

You may belong to the ivy league education - or you may be the intelligent drop-out types who chose not to follow the ivy league route because you wanted to create your own space.

Why should you still join us?

We are solving real problems. By integrating Geo-location, Cloud and Mobile solutions, we are working to create a niche platform for businesses and organizations to manage their affairs with a new perspective. We strongly believe that technology for business is not a prerogative of large organizations. By offering compelling solutions, smaller enterprises can gain significant momentum.

The culture is different: You will not be confined to cubicles in large floors where you are just another human Dilbert.

You will be working with people whom you chose because you will be the earliest joiners. And then, you can work closely with the founders who have worked in companies like Google.

We do not have history but you can start creating history with us. What are you waiting for?